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TBX - Project Team 2

Family Sunshine Center - ROCK

Name of Team Captain:  Martin McKay

Team Member Names: Jawanna Richardson, Austen Scroggins, Josh Bowen, Tiffany Taylor, JaCinta Herbert-Lard

Agency Assisted:  Family Sunshine Center (FSC)

Agency Contact:  Tisha Rhodes

Project’s Thematic Area:

Public Education;

Poverty & the Less Fortunate

Team Member Responsible for Photographs: Jawanna Richardson

Team Member Responsible for Writing Stories or Other Accounts:  Austen Scroggins

Final Description of Your Project:  Now that your project is ready for implementation, or on the way to being implemented, describe the project in detail.

We will be holding a field day for approximately 100, 5th grade, students from area schools, primarily made up of Montgomery Public Schools (MPS).  The field day will occur on October 4, 2018 at the Montgomery Biscuits Stadium.  Students will arrive at 9:00am that morning.  We will have a welcome committee, including cheerleaders/athletes (volunteers) from local colleges and Big Mo, who will take pictures with the classes and hype them up for the day.  We will have a guest speaker (to be determined) who will speak to the kids about bullying vs love and respect.  The children will then move through 4 field day activities.  One of those activities will be a tour, most likely of the locker room, provided by a representative from the Biscuits.  The other three are being created and finalized by the Torchbearers.  Each activity will highlight the key focus of respecting others and creating kindness and we will have a “download” time after each activity to lead a discussion around how the activity demonstrated that focus.  We are recruiting volunteers from local college athletic teams.  We will serve lunch to the kids and volunteers. Additionally, the Biscuits will be contacting sponsors to supply funding for t-shirts which are being created and ordered by the Torchbearers for all children, teachers, and volunteers.

Who will this project serve?

Approximately 100, 5th grade, students from area schools, primarily MPS.

How many people will benefit from this project?


Have other agencies, groups or individuals been involved?  If yes, who are they and how were they involved?

Montgomery Biscuits/City of Montgomery – providing the venue, providing lunch and drinks for all the children and volunteers, providing sponsors for t-shirts, and providing giveaways to the kids.

Will this be an on-going project or a one-time project?

Ongoing - Annual

If it will be an on-going project, who will carry it forward?


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