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Program Information

What is it?

The Leadership Montgomery Legacy Class is an issues based program designed to inform, motivate and increase the awareness of selected participants through interaction with community decision-makers. 

How do I get in the class?

The Leadership Montgomery Recruit & Select Committee works each year to identify, solicit, analyze and select participants for the program based on the application submitted.  Candidates can be nominated by anyone in the community or self-nominated by making application. 

           --Nomination form

            --Application form

What criteria will the Recruit & Select Committee consider?

  • Age 40 and above
  • Live or work in Montgomery County
  • High standards of personal integrity
  • A record of achievement in community activities or a desire to increase community involvement
  • The ability to set and attain goals as demonstrated by significant career, personal or community achievement
  • Representation from a cross-section of the population

How much does this program cost?

Tuition is generally paid by the employer. An extremely limited number of partial scholarships are available in special cases, such as for those who work for local non-profit agencies, or for those who are self-employed. These scholarships are only available upon specific request.  However, everyone is asked to pay something towards his/her tuition.

If accepted into the program, the applicant or his/her employer/sponsor will be billed for tuition of $2,075, which will be due prior to the class orientation. Tuition covers the program costs, transportation, lodging, printed materials, staff time and most food. However, special payment plans can be arranged by the program manager in special circumstances. In all cases, a non-refundable deposit of $300 is due prior to the class orientation. Tuition covers program costs, transportation, lodging, printed materials, staff time and most food. Tuition is non-refundable, in whole or in part, in the event the applicant fails to complete the program due to non-attendance or for other reasons. *Tuition is subject to change


When are the classes?

The class days consist of members assembling one day a month for a comprehensive, in-the-field study of a specific topic that impacts our community.  The curriculum for class year 2020-2021 is provided below for a better understanding of the program’s calendar.


Class day topics and dates are tentatively scheduled as follows:

Thursday, July 20, 2023                                     Orientation & Reception, 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Mandatory)

                Thursday, August 17, 2023                                Team Building Retreat Day #1 (Mandatory) Overnight

                Friday, August 18, 2023                                  Team Building Retreat Day #2 (Mandatory)

                Thursday, September 21, 2023                         Inclusion & Diversity Day

                Thursday, October 19, 2023                              Education Day

                Thursday, November 16, 2023                          Military & Economic Development Day

                Thursday, December 14, 2023                          Arts & Culture Day

                Thursday, January 18, 2024                               Government & Quality of Life Day

                Thursday, February 15, 2024                            Healthcare & Public Service Day

                Thursday, March 14, 2024                                Public Safety Day

                Thursday, April 18, 2024                                    Equipping to Serve & Board Training Day

                Thursday, May 09, 2024                                    Project Presentations (Mandatory), 9:00 am – 12:00 noon

                Thursday, May 16, 2024                                    Graduation Dinner (Mandatory)

Note:  Retreat is an overnight stay.  Hotel accommodations and meals provided.

Class days are typically 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, but are subject to change.


Class days are held throughout the community.  Location of the class day is provided in a timely manner to the class participants for planning purposes.

What is Orientation?

Orientation is the first event of your class year.  Orientation will be the first time you meet your class mates, learn more about the program, obtain information about the Retreat (assignments, menus, location, accommodations, etc.), and meet other graduates and community leaders at a reception hosted by an area business.

What is the Retreat?

The retreat is a two-day, overnight event where class members really get to know each other.  This is a fun experience where friends are made, leadership skills are learned and team building skills are developed.

What are the Class Days?

Class days are a one-of-a-kind, unique opportunity to be exposed to the Montgomery community like no one else.  From a twelve-hour shift ride with the MPD (Montgomery Police Department) to one-on-one, face-to-face discussions with elected officials, corporate leaders and communities activists you will never be afforded such a unique opportunity.


The graduation ceremony is a prestigious affair, attended by area leaders and Leadership Montgomery alumni.  Graduation is recognized as a true honor and reflection of commitment to playing a role in the future of our community.  One alumnus remarks “One does not graduate from Leadership Montgomery, but rather into the Leadership of Montgomery.” 

What will be required of me?


To graduate from the program, attendance is required at the orientation, both retreat days in their entirety, at the project presentations, and at graduation. Other than these required days Class members are allowed to miss one class day and still be allowed to graduate. They must make up the missed class day on the next year. A partially missed day counts as an absence. If two class days are missed, the class member may not be allowed to graduate. The year following graduation, alumni are expected to 1) serve on a class day committee to help plan a class day for the subsequent class, 2) join the Leadership Montgomery Alumni Organization and 3) actively support alumni activities.


What homework will I have?

As a homework assignment, you will be assigned two Montgomery Public Schools to visit prior to Education Class Day. You will also participate in a full shift of a Montgomery Police Department ride along and a Fire Arms Training Simulation prior to Criminal Justice/Public Safety Class Day. 

Class Projects – Class members are divided into teams of five to eight people for class projects designed to address a significant community issue.  This is an extremely important part of the class; therefore, everyone is expected to participate.  Class projects do require time outside of regularly scheduled class days.  A public presentation of the class projects are presented to the business community at the City Hall Auditorium.


What’s Next – After Graduation?

Upon graduation class members are asked to serve as Class Day Chairs to help plan, coordinate, and implement a class day of their preferred topic of interest.  Along with serving as Class Day Chairs, recent graduates are expected to join the Leadership Montgomery Alumni Organization and actively support alumni activities.

Committee opportunities to serve...



--Finance & Investment

--Recruit & Select

--Marketing & Communications

      --Website/Social Media





      --Alumni Socials

      --Alumni Reunion


       --Unity Breakfast

       --Power Lunch

       --Holiday Party

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