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Legacy Class XXXIV - Project Team 4

Sidney Lanier High School - Career Fair

Name of Team Captain: Karen Harris

Team Member Names:

- Jamie Brown

- Rishelia Brown

- Karen Harris

- Christian Hirota

- Kevin King

- Larry McLemore

- Scott Parsons

Agency Assisted: Sidney Lanier High School

Project’s Thematic Area: Public Education

Project Location: Sidney Lanier High School

Date(s) of Implementation: 17NOV18 to 17NOV18

Duration of Project: 3 hours

Who was served by the project?

This project served the high-schoolers at Sidney Lanier High School, as well as their parents, by giving them full awareness of what opportunities are available to them after high school.

This also benefited the school and the participating businesses by building and strengthening relationships in the community.

How many people benefited?

Approximately 1,000 students attended the Career Day and 32 professional representatives bridging the gap in the community by building ties. It also provided Dr. Williams and his staff very strong point of contacts.

Final project description:

An Experts-in-Residence Program will be started at Sidney Lanier High School that will consist of representatives from various career fields. The representatives will teach students in classrooms biweekly giving them an introduction to their respective fields. The Career Fair was the lead to the Experts-in-Residence Program which allowed students an opportunity to interact with representatives in their areas of interest. It provided them a starting point on options and opportunities by fostering relationships they can use after during their time at Sidney Lanier High School and after graduation. Leadership Montgomery was asked to put together the kick-off Career Fair preceding the school’s Experts-in-Residence Program. This gave the students exposure to diverse opportunities which will maximize the choices they have.

What is the vision for the future of the project?

The vision is to make this an on-going project at Sidney Lanier High School by using the current business contacts and adding additional business contacts as the program evolves. The staff will be given all the contact information, and products created so they can be self-sufficient and continue the program years from now.

Describe exactly how your project was implemented.

We were provided 16 competencies based on the students’ interests. From here, the team invited representatives from each area with an invitation letter to participate and set up a table at the Career Fair. It was also highlighted that we would like them to participate in the Experts-in-Residence Program that would take place twice a month for six sessions. This program would consist of representatives from each company coming to the school and teaching the students more about their field.

Based on the assessments the students took earlier in the school year, their top three areas of interest were identified. This allowed the students to participate in the Experts-in-Residence program based on which field of the three that they chose to learn about.

The Career Fair was held November 17th in Sidney Lanier High School’s auditorium. Each representative from the 16 areas could set up a display highlighting their career field. Students went from display to display, learning more about representatives’ field of expertise. The school’s staff was provided a contact list of all the representatives, so they could foster the relationship with their community partners and be self-sufficient.

After the Career Fair, the staff gathered the final numbers highlighting the choices the students wanted more information. Based on the outcome, individual businesses were contacted to participate in the Experts-in-Residence Program. This allowed the representatives to interact with a smaller group of students and have time to answer questions. The students learned that multiple career opportunities can cross more than competency exposing them to the fact that a particular competency does not only apply to one job in each profession.

After the Experts-in-Residence Program, Dr. Williams and his staff will put together a final Career Fair allowing the students an opportunity to speak with representatives again as they transition from high school to their next journey.

How many volunteer hours were devoted to this project?

Over 100 hours were spent, both in meetings as a group and individual contributions of creating documentation and reaching out to members of the community.

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