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Legacy Class XXXVI - Project Team 3

That's My Child - Raised Garden Beds

Name of Team Captain: Shemeca Patterson

Team Member Names: Coleman Smith, John Hinck, Trey Hayes, Tracy LaChance, Shemeca Patterson, Amy Johnson, Jeannine Holmes

Agency Assisted: That's My Child

Project’s Thematic Area: Community Improvement

Project Location: 2414 Lower Wetumpka Road, Montgomery, AL 36110

Date(s) of Implementation Procuring rally points: August 16, 2019 to TBD

Duration of Project: TBD

Who was served by the project?

That's My Child, That's My Dog, Jr. Restaurant, and surrounding community

How many people benefited?

Infinite - all future patrons of the restaurant will benefit from fresh, farm-to-table produce; all future students working in the restaurant will benefit from learning urban farming; and the surrounding community will similarly benefit from an urban farm being located in a current food desert.

Final project description:

Due to the unseasonably rainy winter to start to the year, the construction component of our project was delayed to March. Unfortunately, our project was then postponed due to the impacts of COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place and social distancing requirements in our city and state.

What is the vision for the future of the project?

Our vision for the future of our project would be for it to be one of the choices of Leadership Montgomery for next year. If so, our team requests to at least have the opportunity to share our plans, resources, and relationships with next year's project team. Additionally, if possible, we would also like to assist them in completing what we were excited to start but disappointed not to be able to finish.

Describe exactly how your project was implemented.

The envisioning, information gathering, relationship developing, and construction planning was implemented through multiple in-person and virtual project team meetings, as well as on-sight visits and virtual conversations with That's My Child leadership.

As we referenced earlier, the construction implementation unfortunately was postponed.

How many volunteer hours were devoted to this project? 

176 to date

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