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Class Projects

Legacy Class XXXVIII

Project Team 1

Title: Empowering Youth through Faith Boxing

General Description: The mission of this project is to raise funds in order to provide boxing equipment for Faith Boxing. Ensuring they have proper, safe equipment allows Faith Boxing to continue their mission benefitting community children and young adults, providing them with a safe outlet and experienced mentors. The team will connect and work out with boxing members and have an event at Faith Boxing to present the newly purchased equipment.

Project Team 2

Title: Hope Inspired Ministries - Outdoor Classroom and Serenity Space

General Description: The mission of this project is to support the mission of Hope Inspired Ministries by  transforming an existing patio area into an area from which students and staff can take a needed break to find encouragement and support. Hope Inspired Ministries is an organization which trains low-skilled, poorly educated, and/or chronically unemployed men and women to obtain employment through a 9-week job training program. 

Project Team 3

Title: Dressed for Success

General Description: The mission of this project is to work with Young Men on a Mission to create a sustainable model for outfitting students with blazers, slacks, shirts, and ties as they prepare for interviews and public events. 

Project Team 4

Title: Voices for Change: Flipping the Script on the Influence of Music in our Community

General Description: The mission of this project is to create a professional recording studio within a designated area of Flatline Church, that will be used as an incentive to draw teens and youth to participate in community based mentoring programs. The team will work with church volunteers in transforming a former storage space and will work to  develop associated mentoring activities. 

Project Team 5

Title: Restoration Through Art

General Description: The mission of this project is to renovate a space at Renascence Inc., and provide contacts for instruction for residents of the group home that serves paroled non-violent offenders. The team plans to assist the agency in providing a healthy outlet for the population they serve. Residents will benefit from exposure to various art forms and other activities. With a therapeutic outlet, the residents can express themselves in a healthy way. 

Project Team 6

Title: Montgomery County Cemetery Preservation

General Description: The mission of this project is to establish an enduring process in Montgomery County for cemetery preservation to ensure all Montgomery County citizens are able to locate, identify, and connect with family lineage. 

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