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Class Projects

Legacy Class XXXIV

Project Team 1

Project 1: Boots and Brellas

Organization: ET Davis and ED Nixon

General Description: In order to improve student attendance and relieve administrative personnel from rainy day duties, Team 1 solicited funds and rain gear so that it would be available to students in need on rainy days.

Project Team 2

Project 2: Upgrades to the Brantwood Children’s Home Multi-purpose Room

Organization: Brantwood Children’s Home

General Description: This project provided for much needed updates to the multi-purpose room on Brantwood’s campus and also established a sustainable addition to one of their annual community events and fundraisers.

Project Team 3

Project 3: Rally for the Galley

Organization: Forest Park Ministries

General Description: Rally for the Galley gathered resources increase the amount of nonperishable food and monetary donations, the number of riders from 15 to 30, and the number of rally points from 12 to 24 through expanding the volunteer support base.

Project Team 4

Project 4: Sidney Lanier High School Career Fair

Organization: Sidney Lanier High School

General Description: The Career Fair was the lead to the Experts-in-Residence Program which allowed students an opportunity to interact with representatives in their areas of interest. It provided them a starting point on options and opportunities by fostering relationships they can use after graduation. 

Project Team 5

Project 5: All Tied Up

Organization: Tie N Dolls

General Description: All Tied Up Project Team, in partnership with the Tie N Doll nonprofit, provided six workshops with 7th grade students to mentor them in building their self-esteem, empowering them to lead among peers, and educating them in competency and skills so that they can make choices and be positive influences in their respective communities.

Project Team 6

Project 6: Communicating Effectively with the Community

Organization: Medical Outreach Ministries

General Description: The project involved a coordinated effort to increase awareness and clearly communicate the purpose and services offered by Medical Outreach Ministries (MOM). The project specifically included a brand new website, social media presence, and video campaign.

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