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TBX - Project Team 1

21 Dreams - Art Walk Series

Name of Team Captain: Morgan Tuggle

Team Member Names:  Jason Cupps, Anthony Rosa, Madeline Burkhardt, Diana Gray

Agency Assisted:  21 Dreams Art and Culture

Agency Contact:  Kalonji Gilchrist 

Project’s Thematic Area: the Arts

Project Location: 5 Points Historic District, The Alley, Overlook Park

Media Outlets Contacted: WSFA - Alabama Live and WAKA – News at Noon

Team Member Responsible for Photographs: Jason Cupps with video, team members for photographs

Team Member Responsible for Writing Stories or Other Accounts:  All Team Members

Final Description of Your Project:  Now that your project is ready for implementation, or on the way to being implemented, describe the project in detail.

We are partnering with 21 Dreams Art and Culture Collective to host a three-part Art Walk series. Each of the events will be held in a separate location. There is always local entertainment. Local artist in Montgomery can sign up to participate in the Art Walk. This gives local artists a chance to display/sell their art and get their name out in the community. The first two we have executed have been a big success. Each event has grown from the previous event. We acquired tables and chairs for the Artists set up. We also have been documenting the events with pictures and video to execute a final video project documenting the Art Walk Series. The events are from 4-7 with the locations varying each time. Our project group has executed the events by doing online artist registration, set up, sales, and breakdown. Along with overseeing that the event goes well. We have one more Art Walk event in August. Each person in the group has taken on different tasks to help us reach out event goals. Once the final Art Walk is completed, we will compile our videos into one final video project documenting the series.

Who will this project serve? This project will serve both the community of Montgomery as well as the artists being able to participate in the Art Walk Series

How many people will benefit from this project? Hundreds of people in the community of Montgomery who attend

Have other agencies, groups or individuals been involved?  If yes, who are they and how were they involved? No, Only 21 Dreams members along with our project group

Will this be an on-going project or a one-time project? Currently a one-time project. If successful 21 Dreams will continue to host Art Walk dates next year and make it an ongoing project as long as the interest from the artists is there.

If it will be an on-going project, who will carry it forward? 21 Dreams and Art Collective

Describe exactly how your project will be implemented. We have already implemented two of our events for the Art Walk series. We each took separate tasks to help us achieve our needs/goals for the Art Walk. Some of those were keeping up with registration, securing tables/chairs, contacting media outlets to go on the news, event layouts, etc. We had regular meetings at the 21 Dreams Gallery location to discuss pace for event preparations. The two previous Art Walk events we have executed have been very successful. We will continue to do the same concept for the last Art Walk. Once that is completed we will work on our video project for 21 Dreams.

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