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Class Projects

Torchbearers Class XI

Project Team 1

Project 1: Raised by the Power of 10 Men

Organization: Montgomery Public Schools

General Description: The Montgomery Public Schools' Power of 10 Men program organizes men from around the city to spend their morning warmly welcoming students on the first day of school.

Project Team 2

Project 2: Heroes in MGM

Organization: Montgomery Public Schools

General Description: "Heroes in MGM" is a program to recognize and reward outstanding teens from economically disadvantaged Montgomery neighborhoods for doing work to improve their communities.

Project Team 3

Project 3: Adoption from Foster Care PSA Campaign

Organization: Children's Aid Society of Alabama

General Description: Creation of a community awareness campaign throughout Alabama recognizing the need for families wanting to adopt children in the state's custody who do not have an identified adoptive family.

Project Team 4

Project 4: Khakis and Skirts for Education

Organization: Tie and Doll, Inc.

General Description: Khakis and Skirts for Education School Uniform Drive is to assist families in Montgomery Public Schools that need help purchasing school uniforms for their children.

Project Team 5

Project 5: HIM Student Recruitment PSA

Organization: Hope Inspired Ministries

General Description: Development of a public-service announcement targeting low-skilled, poorly educated, and chronically unemployed men and women to recruit them to enroll in HIM's program to prepare them to obtain and maintain employment.

Project Team 6

Project 6: Girls on the Run No-Show Ball

Organization: Girls on the Run serving the River Region

General Description: Implementation of the First Annual No-Show Ball that delivers a tasty meal and bottle of wine for those that buy tickets with proceeds going to help GOTR serve the community and their 3rd-5th grade girls in Montgomery.

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