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Legacy Class XXXIV - Project Team 2

Brantwood Children’s Home - Building for Brantwood

Name of Team Captain: Tim Marquardt

Team Member Names: Chris Carver, Jacob Cook, Kimberlin Love, Tim Marquardt, Tonya Thompson, Abraham White

Agency Assisted: Brantwood Children’s Home

Project’s Thematic Area: Community Improvement & Poverty & the Less Fortunate

Project Location: 1309 Upper Wetumpka Rd., Montgomery, AL 36107

Date(s) of Implementation: 11/29/18 - 4/10/18

Duration of Project: 5 months

Who was served by the project?

Ultimately, the children who call Brantwood home were served by this project. This space is more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing However, because the multi-purpose room is used by more than just the residents at Brantwood, any community stakeholders with an interest in Brantwood’s well-being were served. Also, with the addition of a “Donut Run” to the annual “Love Run” more members of the community can potentially be involved, thus broadening support for the overall mission of the home.

How many people benefited?

50+ people (residents and staff) directly benefited from this project with many more to come over time. Board members and other community stakeholders also benefitted from the completed upgrades.

Final project description:

The executive director originally requested a renovation of their meeting room “to ensure its functionality as a professional and personal space and create a welcoming and loving environment in which our children can grow.” Overall, the project had two phases: fundraising and physical remodeling. As a value added to the project, the LM class team planned an auxiliary fundraiser to supplement an established, annual fundraiser that the organization could continue in the future if they wished. After phase one was completed, the physical renovations began. The LM class team utilized a network of community supporters to garner donations of materials and labor to transform the dated appearance of the large, multi-purpose room. This project not only provided for much needed updates to the multi-purpose room on Brantwood’s campus, but also established a sustainable addition to one of their annual community events and fundraisers.

What is the vision for the future of the project?

While the multi-purpose room renovations are complete, the “Donut Run” is a sustainable addition to the annual 5k “Love Run” at Brantwood. The Donut Run provides an opportunity for any age group to participate, especially those that would not participate in the full 5k. This addition to the “Love Run” will broaden the number of participants, and ultimately donors, for this event. This also facilitates more members of the community becoming knowledgeable about the home and its mission.

Describe exactly how your project was implemented.

The project began with several planning meetings among LM class team members and representatives from Brantwood. Significant tasks for renovating the multi-purpose room were identified and prioritized, along with an estimate of associated costs. LM team members contacted local companies and national companies with a presence in Montgomery to solicit in kind donations of materials. Early in these planning meetings, LM team members became cognizant of the fact that fundraising would need to be done to successfully complete the project. It was agreed upon by all stakeholders that LM would plan and execute an addition to the annual 5k “Love Run” at Brantwood, which would help raise these funds but could also be a permanent addition to this annual event. LM team members planned, promoted and advertised a “Donut Run” to run concurrent to the “Love Run”. The “Donut Run” was a less competitive option for participants and consisted of a 1 mile race with various pit stops. The event raised several hundred dollars. Following the success of the “Donut Run”, the LM team began the physical task of transforming the multi-purpose room. The LM team contacted the Greater Montgomery Homebuilders Association to solicit in kind donations of labor and materials. The GMHBA assisted with the coordination of flooring donations and painting labor and materials. This allowed the funds raised from the “Donut Run” to be given directly to Brantwood as opposed to being expended on renovation materials. Over several weekends, the LM team members, representatives from the GMHBA (ie Kimbro renovations) and Recon Builders worked to prep, caulk, prime, paint existing walls and trim work, and install new linoleum wood flooring. A large rolling cabinet was also refinished and an LCD television used in the room was professionally mounted to the wall.

How many volunteer hours were devoted to this project?

Donut Run: 9 hours x 9 team volunteers (LM + MAX) = 81 hours

Renovations: 22 hours x 10 team volunteers (LM + Kimbro/Recon) = 220 hours

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