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Legacy Class XXXV - Project Team 2

12th Annual Common Ground Montgomery
Christmas Store

Name of Team Captain: Lisa Rose

Team Member Names: Gennice Burch, Tamara Martin, Robert Miller, Jermaine Mitchell, Draper Stanford

Agency Assisted: Common Ground Montgomery

Project’s Thematic Area: Community Improvement, Poverty & the Less Fortunate

Project Location: 1516 Mobile Road, Montgomery, AL 36108

Date(s) of Implementation: December 17th to December 20th

Duration of Project: 6 weeks (5 weeks prep and promotion; 1 week of service)

Who was served by the project?

The project serves the westside and surrounding communities.

How many people benefited?

The CGM Christmas Store served 178 families total, 452 children in 2018.

Final project description:

The team will present the report of working at Common Ground Montgomery through a powerpoint/video and an interview type genre. Gennice Burch will be the host and she will interview each participant about their experience working at the CGM Christmas Store. All team members submitted questions to Gennice in preparation for this project.

What is the vision for the future of the project?

This project will continue as it has for the last 12 years and each year will involve more of the community in areas of donations and volunteers.

Describe exactly how your project was implemented.

The team assisted Common Ground Montgomery with stocking the annual Christmas Store and building new relationships in the community. We created a letter to send to contacts in the community informing them that we are part of the Leadership Montgomery Legacy Class XXXV and a description of our project. In the letter we were looking for businesses to partner with us in collecting funds and toy donations. As we requested donations, we asked that they place boxes for collections of toys at their businesses. We followed the letter with direct communication with the potential partners. We either arranged for donations to be brought to CGM or we brought them ourselves. We also helped CGM spread the word using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Team members all volunteered time during the setup and/or shopping hours and held a fundraiser at Common Bond Brewery. The week before the sale, team members participated in set up and more social media solicitation of donations, The week of the sale, members and their families participated as volunteers.

How many volunteer hours were devoted to this project?

There were estimated 125 hours donated throughout the project with the participation of each of the team members, other LM35 class members and family members of the team.


Planning/Development/Soliciting Donations - 30 hours
Marketing/Promotion - 20 hours
Helping with Christmas Store Set Up - 30 hours
Implementation - 30 hours
Meetings/Reporting/Presentation - 15 hours

Total - 125 hours

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