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About the Class

The Torchbearers Class was established in 2008 in response to the community’s need to attract and retain an educated population of young professionals, is a nine month class designed to equip young leaders with the skills and connections necessary to propel them to the next level of community leadership and professional success.

Skills such as team work, leadership development, critical thinking, and personal and professional growth and development are combined with exposure to critical community issues to enhance each members’ understanding of themselves and the community. Exposure to issues such as economic development, human services, education, and the role of government are often included within the curriculum.  A small group project also provides an opportunity for Torchbearers to network with one another and with community organizations, culminating in a project that impacts the community in a positive way.

Who Should Apply?

The Torchbearers Class is designed for young professionals who are involved in their community and desire to enhance their career, network with other young professionals and become more informed about and engaged in their community. The ideal candidate:

  • Is between 22-39 years of age
  • Lives or works in Montgomery County
  • Is already engaged in the community or has a history of engagement in a former community
  • Is willing to commit the necessary time to participate fully in the program

It is very important that a Torchbearer candidate has the full support of the organization or business the applicant represents.

Benefits for Organizations

Stronger Employees - Staff members who have a better understanding of who they are, their personal and professional strengths and the critical issues facing the community

Stronger Leaders within the Company - Employees who are well versed in team building, delivering presentations, and working with others as part of a team

Visibility for Your Organization - Visibility within the community as an organization committed to professional development and staff enhancement

Prominence within the Community -  Prominence as an organization or business committed to the enhancement of the community through community projects and volunteerism

Benefits for Participants

Expanded Network - Increased network of friends and acquaintances

Community Awareness - Enhanced knowledge and understanding of the critical issues affecting the community

Increased Involvement - Equipped with the tools necessary for increased community involvement and the solution of critical community issues

Personal Engagement - Opportunity to examine personal beliefs, seek facts, and delve deeper into the issues affecting us all

Hands-On - Opportunity to work with others and with area non-profits to solve a real community problem

Increased Tolerance - Expanded understanding of people and beliefs that may be different from their own

Post Graduation - Alumni Community

Leadership Montgomery has an extensive network of alumni from both the Torchbearers and Legacy classes. You will find Leadership Montgomery alumni leading companies and organizations, serving on nonprofit boards, and volunteering their time and expertise on projects that matter in the River Region. Participants in the alumni community are afforded opportunities to be actively involved in matters of interest in the Montgomery community.

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