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Welcome Torchbearers Class XVI!

Leadership Montgomery is excited to welcome our newest Torchbearers Class!

Want to know more about the torchbearers class program?

There is no greater time for leaders to shine a light on Montgomery than now. If you are looking to develop yourself, grow as a leader personally and professionally, engage and make connections in the community, consider investing in yourself and applying to be a part of the Leadership Montgomery Torchbearers Class program.

The program is designed for professionals, ages 22 – 39, that live or work in Montgomery, who are passionate to make our city a better place to call home.

The Torchbearers Class is a 9-month comprehensive program beginning with a Team Building Retreat, followed by monthly class days providing the platform to introduce Montgomery through a new lens. This program provides leadership training to develop and equip participants to grow professionally.

The program presents the opportunity to make a difference through Community Projects where one works with local non-profits/community organizations to help improve and impact Montgomery in a direct way.  It also gives participants the opportunity to enhance one's knowledge and understanding of the critical issues facing Montgomery while helping others and growing one's own networks. 

When we come together, our lights shine brighter and we are stronger for Montgomery. This is being a part of the Torchbearers Class program. Now is time to join the 1,500 alumni that have participated in Leadership Montgomery and connected leaders to effect change.


Kayla Bass, Torchbearers Class XIII: "Leadership Montgomery expanded my network and improved my leadership and communication styles by teaching me how to manage various personalities and have critical conversations. Additionally, it gave me a greater understanding of how and why we each see our state and community through a different lens. While we each may have different ideologies, we can come together in unison to ensure Montgomery is a community where citizens and businesses thrive." 

Dennis Davis, Torchbearers Class XIII: "Leadership Montgomery gave me both personal and professional inspiration. Meeting with like-minded young professionals gave me the opportunity to trade ideas, solve problems and get inspiration that applied to both my personal life and professional career. My fellow Torchbearers classmates provided a safe environment that allowed me to explore my vulnerabilities overall as leader."

Leadership Legacy Award Recipient

2024 Leadership Legacy Award Recipient 

LaShandra Warren-Barnes, Court Administrator, 15th Judicial Circuit; Montgomery County Courthouse,     Legacy Class XXXI

Organization Leadership Award Recipient

2024 Organization Leadership Award Recipient

ServisFirst Bank

Pictured Right to Left with Leadership Montgomery President, Cheryl Johnson, Legacy Class XXXIII; Dean Peevy, Legacy Class XXXII; Caryn Hughes; Carl Barker; Delbert Madison, Legacy Class XXIII; Elizabeth DuBard; Chase Hastey, Torchbearers Class XV; Chase Hardy; and Lara Wilson, Legacy Class XXXIV

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Having a very unique experience to share with someone else is what makes Leadership Montgomery strong. 

"connecting leaders to effect change"




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