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Legacy XXXV - Project Team 1

A Legacy of Service to Homebound Senior Adults

Name of Team Captain: Randy Thompson

Team Member Names: Angela Crosby, Tracy Daniel, Michael Jackson, Jeff Key, Cheryl Payson

Agency Assisted: Montgomery Area Council on Aging (MACOA)

Project’s Thematic Area: Poverty and the Less Fortunate with a focus on homebound seniors

Project Location: MACOA, 115 E. Jefferson St. Montgomery, AL

Date(s) of Implementation: November 30, 2018 to April 8, 2019

Duration of Project: 5 months

Who was served by the project?

Homebound Seniors in the River Region

How many people benefited?

Approximately 400

Final project description:

Our project provided a promotional video, improved volunteer sign up process, recruited seven new Meal Makers teams, and connected MACOA with organizations that could be a source of repeat Meal Maker volunteers.

What is the vision for the future of the project?

Project Team 1 will lead by example and volunteer as MACOA Meal Makers on a quarterly basis. Through the partnership with Serquest, the volunteer sign up process will be much easier and should lead to a number of new Meal Maker teams by the end of the year. We challenge Legacy Class XXXV to partner with Meal Makers either individually or through the company or entity that they represent TO OWN A DAY and volunteer on a recruiting basis.

Describe exactly how your project was implemented.

Initial planning meeting with MACOA staff and the project team to discuss expectations regarding the project. Project group met to discuss the best path forward in order to implement the project successfully. The team decided to focus on recruiting teams/volunteers, improving the sign up process and a promotional video. Early on our team volunteered as Meal Makers in order to better understand the Meal Makers program. We hosted a lunch and learn at Encompass Health that provided MACOA an opportunity to connect with several local colleges and universities about possible long-term volunteer opportunities for students. We partnered with Serquest to shoot a video of our team in action in the MACOA kitchen and to emphasize the need for Meal Maker volunteers. The video can be used by MACOA on the website, social media, etc. as a recruiting tool. We used our various connections to recruit a total of seven new teams, that have committed to serve monthly, using the mantra OWN A DAY! Developed an informational flyer that each class member and guest can take with them for quick reference about Meal Makers. The flyer can also be used by MACOA in either paper or electronic format.

How many volunteer hours were devoted to this project? (Total - everyone on the team; start to finish)

We estimate a total of 136 hours were spent on the project. Time spent includes team meetings, Meal Maker team recruiting, Meal Maker participation/volunteers, and individuals meeting and preparing for their portion of the project (lunch and learn, video, volunteer sign-up sire set-up, flyer creation, etc.)

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