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Torchbearers Class XII Calendar of Events

New Class Orientation and Reception

Tuesday | March 24, 2020

2:00 PM—7:00 PM (Mandatory)

Team Building Retreat—Day 1

Thursday | April 23, 2020 (Mandatory)

Team Building Retreat—Day 2

Friday | April 24, 2020 (Mandatory)

MBTI Day/Healthcare Day

Your Leadership Style                                     "Your Health and the Health of our City"

Tuesday | May 19, 2020
History Day/Culture of Inclusion

Leadership Communication in Conflict           "Our City's Past, Present and Future"

Tuesday | June 23, 2020
Mid-Term Reports Due

Tuesday | July 14, 2020

Economic Development Day Presentation Skills for Leaders           
"Growing and Expanding a Sustainable City"

Tuesday | July 28, 2020
Public Service and Safety Day

Leadership in Crisis Management                        "Governing and Keeping our City Safe"

Tuesday | August 25, 2020
Education Day

Leadership Inside Out                              "Building Blocks of a Great City...Education for All" (During the first two weeks in September, we will be conducting school visits, TBA)

Tuesday | September 15, 2020
Arts and Culture/Closing Day

Leadership Strategy for the Future          "Enjoying Our City Together"

Tuesday | October 6, 2020

—Final Projects Due

Tuesday | October 13, 2020

Project Presentations

(Project Presentation Practice, Thursday, October 22, 2020, Mandatory Hour, TBA)

Tuesday | October 27, 2020 
(Mandatory half day) 

Class XII Graduation

Tuesday | November 3, 2020

Luncheon (Mandatory)

Along with community leadership development, participants in the Torchbearers program will receive leadership development training learning:  Your Leadership Style; Leadership Communication in Conflict; Presentation Skills for Leaders; Leadership in Crisis Management; Leadership Inside and Out; and Leadership Strategies for the Future. 

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