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Legacy Class XXXVI - Project Team 5

Community Garden

Name of Team Captain: Alicia Schneider

Team Member Names: Beverly Hill, Mary Gibson, Paul Blake, Eddie Gaunt, Kim Campbell, Charles Lee

Agency Assisted: Montgomery Police Department's Nonprofit - Montgomery Police Foundation via Central AL Community Foundation (CACF)

Project’s Thematic Area: Civic Engagement; Community Improvement; Improving Montgomery's Image

Project Location: Bama Lanes, 3020 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36109

Date(s) of Implementation: September 2019 to February 22, 2020

Duration of Project: 4 hours (12 to 4)

Who was served by the project? 

The City of Montgomery (Smart City), Montgomery Police Department (MPD) officers, and Montgomery youth

How many people benefited? 

Approximately 275,000 Montgomery citizens (Smart City technology) and MPD officers; essentially the entire citizenry of Montgomery, Alabama.

Final project description:

The Bowling tournament was held as scheduled on Saturday, February 22, 2020 from 12:00 to 4:00 pm, raising $1,536.  Members of the team met at Bama Lanes to ensure adequate preparation. The venue was decorated with blue balloons and accessories.  Everyone participating in the event received and wore a “Bowling for the Badge” t-shirt.  The project team also took photos highlighting each sponsor. 

There were 44 bowlers, over $2600 in sponsorships from 19 donors.  Raffle tickets were sold for the chance of a donated Chicken Salad Chick cooler and goods worth more than $100.  In addition, there were cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  We were please at least 8 of Legacy Class XXXVI members donated/sponsored and attended the event, which contributed immensely to its success.

Maj Reaves and Alicia Schneider were interviewed by WSFA as a means to officially launch the MPF.  Finally, the Project 5 Team met with Chief Finley, the MPD Chief of Police, and the leadership staff to present a “big” check in the amount raised.

What is the vision for the future of the project?

For the Montgomery Police Foundation to highlight/advertise city improvements and/or initiatives resulting from the launch and fundraising efforts of this group of committed city leaders working alongside the department to enhance our city.  Further, we envision components of CACF and the MPD/MPF continue the bowling tournament each February to bring awareness.

Describe exactly how your project was implemented.

The MPF “Bowling for the Badge” tournament culminated on Saturday, February 22, 2020, as initially planned.  Members of Project Team 5 began meeting in September 2019 and held approximately 5 additional meetings through February 2020, approximately 1 week prior to the event.  While every member was unable to attend each meeting, dialogue/collaboration continued primarily via email and texts with varied pictures of t-shirts, trophies, donations, sponsorships, and supplies for all team members to consider.  

The project leader, oftentimes with other team members, along with MPD, met with Bama Lanes management early in the planning (after ascertaining the other bowling center was cost-prohibitive) to organize the myriad project details occurring there to include the number of lanes, determining the winners, space requirements, and decorative accessories.  Subsequently, all details were executed as agreed—they were unhesitating in desiring to sponsor this tournament, provided exceptional support, and we are exceedingly grateful for their efforts.  Communication for the event included a flyer, where one project team member expended a number of hours revising where Ms. Cheryl Johnson included a copy of the flyer on Leadership Montgomery’s Facebook page.  Major Reaves coordinated media with WAKA.

Each member of the project team, along with the MPD point of contact and CACF, assisted in the project’s success.  CACF was the financial arm of the MPF who the project team leader coordinated numerous details and areas of responsibility.  Our MPD counterpart assisted in such details as teams/sponsors and an announcer/DJ.  Team members sought and attained sponsors, were themselves sponsors, coordinated and obtained the t-shirts, sought support to develop the vehicle sticker, selected and ordered trophies, completed decorative items, development recognition for sponsors, organized the bowling lanes, photography, and completed the reporting requirement.

Six of the 7 team members were present for the event as one member had an imperative requirement, yet provided greatly needed assistance beforehand and afterwards.  It appeared the youth and adults who participated in the tournament enjoyed the tournament immensely and project team 5 was ecstatic all went well!

How many volunteer hours were devoted to this project?

A total of 50 hours were expended

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