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TBX - Project Team 3

USAF - Air Force Enlisted Heritage Hall

Name of Team Captain:  Matthew Kemp

Team Member Names:  Matthew Kemp, Manny Gonzalez, Mallory Nelson, Blake Piel, Glazer Robinson

Agency Assisted:  United States Air Force - Air Force Enlisted Heritage Hall

Project’s Thematic Area:

Improving Montgomery’s Image

Project LocationHeritage Hall, 550 McDonald Street, Bld 1210, Maxwell-Gunter Annex 

Date(s) of Implementation:  April 5, 2018 to October 15, 2018

Duration of Project:  7 months

Who was served by the project?

Air Force Members (present or retired), Montgomery/Alabama Tourists

How many people benefited?

80,000+ Enlisted members, 25,000 Annual visitors

Final project description:

The project goal was to contact a company to lay the concrete slab for a new outdoor static display of a donated M915a convoy truck. We solicited companies and found contractors to construct the installation pad and new sidewalk at Heritage Hall. On Oct. 15, we held an unveiling event for the new outdoor exhibit.

What is the vision for the future of the project?

Our team plans to visit local TV and radio outlets in the coming months to advertise the new exhibit and Heritage Hall in general. We planned to do media coverage before the unveiling, but this was delayed due to the timing of the truck delivery and more importantly by leadership changeover as Emily Shade retired and a new director, Chief Brown, took position in September/October.

Describe exactly how your project was implemented.

We initially met with Mike and Emily at the team building retreat and talked details for what they had in mind. It was their goal for us to find a suitable construction company to build the concrete installation pad and sidewalk. Their preference was that the intended company would be willing to donate time, labor, or materials for the project.

Our team solicited various construction companies for the project. In the end, WK Upchurch Construction Company, Inc. and Diamond Concrete & Slabs LLC generously and eagerly bought in to the project and offered their services.  In addition to doing a spectacular job laying a concrete pad strong enough to hold a truck weighing more than 30,000 pounds, both companies graciously donated labor and equipment.  Such donations brought the project in well below the initial estimates. The original planned budget for the concrete was $8,000. The final invoice for the pad and sidewalk was just under $1,700.

After finding suitable partners, we worked with Heritage Hall and WK/Diamond to schedule a day for the concrete install. This was delayed several times due to weather and Gunter working on underground gas lines that happened to traverse the grounds at Heritage Hall. Once the concrete was poured, the M915A truck was requested from Texas. Two units of airmen convoyed the truck to Montgomery: one group from Texas to Biloxi and the other from Biloxi to Montgomery. Upon delivery and install of the truck on the pad, our team collaborated with Heritage Hall for the unveiling ceremony and opening to the public for the exhibit. The unveiling occurred on Oct. 15, 2018.

How many volunteer hours were devoted to this project? (Total - everyone on the team; start to finish)

Team member meetings – 26 hours

Seeking sponsorships – 10 hours

Coordinating laying the slab - 15 hours

Unveiling ceremony planning – 20 hours

Day of Event – 8 hours

Total – 79 hours

Describe your project presentation.  The maximum time limit is 15-20 minutes.  Every member of the team should play some role in the final presentation of the project. (2018) Project Presentation Day is held in the City Hall Auditorium.  The Auditorium has access to microphone, screen, projector, internet and laptop.  Any other items needed for your project presentation will be the responsibility of the team.

Our presentation is a PowerPoint slideshow that discusses various aspects of our project such as some of the history of Heritage Hall, the significance of the M915a truck to the Air Force, in-progress pictures of the concrete laying, and a short video recap of the unveiling ceremony. Each team member will cover a difference aspect of the PowerPoint.

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