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Our Structure

We ASSEMBLE motivated people with leadership skills who represent the ethnic, age and gender diversity of our community.

We CONNECT these individuals through team building and shared experiences in a unique learning environment.

We DEVELOP their leadership potential through experiences, exposure to issues and introductions to community leaders and decision makers.

We EFFECT positive change by interacting and working with an ever-growing group of Leadership alumni from the past, the present and those to yet to come.



Our Purpose

To inform and develop community leaders through an intensive ten-month leadership curriculum.

To provide these leaders an opportunity to network and to get to know each other on a personal level.

To provide class members with an in-depth look at many of the most important issues facing our community.



Our Mission 

The mission of Leadership Montgomery is to develop and engage diverse leaders to effect positive community transformation.



Our Vision

 The vision of Leadership Montgomery is to advance servant leaders who will contribute to the community through unified influence and continuous service. 



Our Mantra

 “Connecting Leaders to Effect Change”

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