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LEADERSHIP MONTGOMERY - Torchbearers Class "connecting"



Project Name: The Montgomery Area Food Bank

Team Members: Kiesha Favor, Will Frazier, Caty Turnipseed, Nikki Darley, Nick Revels, Nic Cofield, Thomas Bell, III and Zachary Beasley, III 

Chairperson: Kiesha Favor

Dates of Implementation: April 2016 to present (October 2016)

Duration of project: six (6) months

Project location: The Montgomery Area Food Bank, 471 Trade Center Street

Media Outlets: Social Media (Facebook) and Radio

Whom did the project benefit? The Montgomery Area Food Bank; the MAFB services 37 of Alabama’s 67 counties

Groups involved (sponsors): None

Total number of volunteer hours: 30 hours

Vision for future project: Our vision is to continue to help the MAFB through donated time and continuing to market the food bank for future donations.

Will this be an ongoing project? Who will carry the project forward?  One-time project

How was the project implemented?

The team first received our project at the Class VIII retreat.  We met with the Executive Director and drilled won on what she and the food bank exactly needed.  We came ot the conclusion that manpower, funds and food and supplies were the primary need for the MAFB.  We successfully coordinated fund drives in our respective places of employment, and also partnered with some of our local grocery stores to conduct food drives. 

Torchbearer Class VIII Project Team 2 - Presentation 

Team 2 Project Presentation
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