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Our Core Principles

·         We believe our future rests in our collective ability to embrace change and leverage diversity through our leadership, programs, employment, procurement and continued community support.  We believe that diversity is critical to our business strategy and will improve our competitiveness and prospects for long-term success

·         We believe that leaders come from all places and all backgrounds.

·         We believe in the potential of Montgomery to be a global example of the strategic advantage of community collaboration.

·         We believe an important service to communities is to continually develop and challenge its leaders.

·         We believe in the ability to effect positive change by equipping leaders with the best knowledge available on issues and opportunities                confronting our city.

·         We believe in the enriched benefit of a diverse community and the advancement of leaders who reflect this diversity in our community.

·         We believe that as a highly regarded community organization, Leadership Montgomery should model a 21st century best-practices governance structure that effectively engages all members and their unique talents for the overall enhancement of the River Region.


Our Four Goals

Goal 1 - Ensure an exceptional core program for each class.

Goal 2 – Strengthen the identity of the organization through action, branding excellence and communication.

Goal 3 –  Recognize Legacy and Torchbearer alumni as a significant asset to Leadership Montgomery and to the community as a whole.  Leadership Montgomery will create Alumni Development committees and will align and engage them as a major part of the organization.

Goal 4 – Leadership Montgomery will provide support, resources and leadership training to help develop and sustain the Torchbearers young professionals program.

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